Believer’s Baptism

Believers Baptism, , , / Location: Main Auditorium

Baptism is your opportunity to express your commitment and love to God as a visible sign to your friends, family and church.

Chiseled: The Goosebump God

Chiseled: The Goosebump God, , , / Location: Main Auditorium

It can be difficult to believe in a God we can not see, feel or touch, so we CHISEL out our own God. In this series, Wes Dupin we’ll discuss four different versions of “God” which don’t exist.

Night of Worship And Teaching

, , , / Location: Main Auditorium

Join us for a night of worship and teaching. Childcare ages 0-3.

Hope Water Group Run

Hope Water Project - Group Run, , , / Location: Johnson Park, 2600 Wilson Ave, Walker, MI 49534

This is opportunity to hear why others are running and walking and encourage each other We will review running tips and techniques We will discuss fundraising tips