Haiti Days 1 And 2

Day 1

We arrived safely in Haiti. Settled into our host home and got ready for a day of work. Had a great time traveling together.

Day 2

We got to the work site where WHI is going to build a school. The amount of rubble on the lot was overwhelming but through the day with the help of some Haitian locals we cleared the entire lot. PTL! We had fun with the Haitians, occasionally stopping to dance, sing, and arm wrestle. The spirit was ecstatic. We were baked by the 100 degree sun but glad God used us. We will try to finish the lot tomorrow and have it ready for the school to begin being built. Keep is in your prayers… Love to all.

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  • Kris Dekker

    Ello how are you? Ello how are you? Ello how are you? How are you today. 🙂 Harv says this was the kids favorite song when he was there. Hey, we just wanted to send you a note from the African continent 8000 miles away and tell you we are praying for you and know you will do a good job. As you go out and minister to the people please remember you can only do what God places in front of you each day. He will take care of the rest. Commit your work to the Lord and it will succeed. Kris
    PS drink plenty of water

  • Norm & Margaret

    We are proud of you all! The vision that God has given you is great! It’s amazing that you got so much work done in one day. Well, after saying that we realize not just your hands were working but God’s. Blessings to you all. We know you will have fun with the children too. Praying for you often.

  • Rog Doane

    You guys are awesome! Praying for God’s protection over you.

  • Kelly Vonk

    Impressive that you cleared that lot in just one day! Well done!!! Praying daily for you!